Welcome to my Blog

Timmy Alien Resized                   Timmy VS Shark Comic                cropped-timmy-finger-painting-resized.jpg           Timmy with Dr Pus 1200dpi

Welcome to a glimpse into my brain

There is so much random going on in here I can’t even keep track of it.

Timmy Mothman Resized Take 2    Timmy Bad Taste 1200dpi   Zombie Possum 1200dpi   Timmy ReAnimator 1200dpi

Thank goodness for the category button….hint hint check out the category button it is fun I swear!

You could find anything from couponing tips, how to knit with a knifty knitter,reviews or advice for games from PC, Xbox One/Xbox 360 to Nintendo Wii U  & Nintendo 3ds

IMG950149              l            1029090902

I also draw, sketch, sculpt, and whatever this is



And more and more randomness to come.

Enjoy..and come again

Hat 88 86 87                           Hat 71 02                         Sock 4

And if that wasn’t enough I also have a YouTube channel:


Twitter, which I don’t use much


Instagram, which I also don’t use much


Xbox Live ZombieFarmer1

And I have a podcast ThePadawanCast which can be found on iTunes.


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